Focus on your business and we’ll focus on your safety.

We build custom services tailored to the needs of your company for all your security and risk management needs, supported on our team of renown experts in Personal and Physical Security, Bank and Finances, Accounting, Law, Journalism and Intelligence.

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Corporate Risk Management.

We have the integrated risk consulting solution your company needs to identify risks and provide secure alternative decisions to solve your problems.

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Remote surveillance to protect your assets.

We cover your company’s remote surveillance, fleet management and emergency protocol activation needs. The tight connection between security systems and a highly qualified team are the guarantee you need for a secure company with great response capacity.

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Immediate Response 24/7.

Emergency situations can occur at any time, Evenseg gives you a superior level of assistance for all your legal, medical and security needs, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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Secure parking.

Hotels, corporations, businesses and shopping centers, require more than just parking lot management, they need secure professional services with the right technology and expert personnel, prepared to mitigate present risks.

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A security department built for your needs.

Setting up the right team with the required experience is costly and complicated, Evenseg builds and manages your company’s security department through its Corporate Support Units (USC).

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We want you to accomplish your goals.

We’re with you on your path.

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